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WCQ Japan

SankyoYokohama B/L 9F
5-85, ChojyaMachi
Naka-Ku, Yokohama-Shi,Kanagawa-Pref, 231-0033

Phone: 81-45-315-4541
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WCQ Taiwan

12F-7, No. 8, Ziqiang S. Rd.,
Zhubei City, Hsinchu County
Taiwan 30264

Phone: 886-3-6675818



March '23
WCQ Opens Office in Arizona
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The WCQ Story

West Coast Quartz was established in the US in 1981. By the late 1990s, WCQ had become a globally renowned precision component fabricator specializing in high purity quartz, silicon, ceramic, graphite, and silicon carbide manufacturing for the semiconductor industry.

Our parts are the consumables most intimately surrounding, supporting, protecting, isolating, and handling the wafers that become integrated circuits, microprocessors, memory and logic found in all electronic goods such as computers, cell phones and gaming consoles.

Our highly machined components are also used in many advanced industrial and military applications. This includes renewable energy sources such as solar and aerospace imaging. Night vision goggles, smart munitions and heads-up displays all have WCQ material in use.

At WCQ we understand that quality is mission critical.

Over the years WCQ has always been willing to invest in new technology, in plant and equipment, in people and in training. This is how we stay state-of-the-art. This is why we are best able to support our customers' evolving needs, changing geometries and new ideas. This explains our preparedness for 300mm, 400mm and even 450mm technology. Yet we remain lean to properly support our customers' concepts and demands through the booms and busts, the peaks and valleys, the exacerbated fits and starts of the unrelenting semiconductor cycle.

Engineers the world over have been opening WCQ boxes for many years, and they are keenly familiar with the high quality and reliability of WCQ genuine parts. Our wafer fab customers (for direct sales) and our equipment customers (for OEM sales) include the most successful and recognizable names in the industry.

Sourcing solid and hollow quartz, single and poly silicon, and specialty materials components from WCQ offers: 1) a compelling toolset cost-of-ownership point which will achieve procurement objectives and 2) a quality, continuity, repeatability, and traceability dimension which will resonate with process engineers.

Come visit our facilities, we'll show you what our customers call the most organized, clean shop they've seen in all their years of visiting fabricators.

And we'd be proud to do some cost effective, timely, quality work for you.